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Glossary: X Key Web Analytics Terms Every Analyst Should Know

On your journey to becoming a web analysis ninja, you’ll hear (and use) a handful of terms over and over again. Might as well get it over with and learn those terms right now!

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Web Analytics for the Public Sector: The Definitive Guide (2019 Edition)

With all the talk of “digital government” these days, it’s easy to churn out a bunch of content on a website and overlook an important question: Is our website (or web “presence”) helping us achieve our organization’s goals? In a nutshell, the role of web analytics is to answer that question.Because if our website isn’t […]

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Web Analytics 101: What It Is & Why You Should Care

Web analytics used to be a “corner of the desk” job in government departments, but with many governments (at all levels, around the world) taking a “digital-first” approach to communications and service delivery, the role of web analytics has taken a huge jump in importance. Just like the internet is playing an increasingly large role in […]

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