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Learning Resources for Public Sector Web Analysts

On this page I’ve pulled together all of the resources mentioned in my web analytics guide, organized by topic.  You’ll find blog posts, guides, templates, and (as they say in infomercials) much, much more! Web Analytics 101How It Works: All Web Analytics Tools Are the Same (When It Comes to Data Capture) How Does Google […]

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Data Storytelling for Web Analysts: How to Educate & Persuade Using Data

Have you heard the story about the web analyst who skyrocketed the prestige of web analysis in his organization, captured the imagination of his bosses and colleagues, and massively improved his organization’s web presence, all through the power of data storytelling?No, me neither.Let’s change that!In this comprehensive guide, I’m going to give you a step-by-step framework […]

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Web Analytics for the Public Sector: The Definitive Guide (2019 Edition)

With all the talk of “digital government” these days, it’s easy to churn out a bunch of content on a website and overlook an important question: Is our website (or web “presence”) helping us achieve our organization’s goals? In a nutshell, the role of web analytics is to answer that question.Because if our website isn’t […]

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Web Analytics 101: What It Is & Why You Should Care

Web analytics used to be a “corner of the desk” job in government departments, but with many governments (at all levels, around the world) taking a “digital-first” approach to communications and service delivery, the role of web analytics has taken a huge jump in importance. Just like the internet is playing an increasingly large role in […]

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Feeling Like a Report Monkey? How to Educate Your Clients into Savvy Data Consumers

If you’re reading this article (which you are), you might fit this profile: You have a razor-sharp analytical mind (and are probably good-looking) You work in web analytics because you believe in the power of web analysis to meaningfully contribute to your organization You would love to provide your clients/bosses with insightful web analytics reports […]

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